Heavy PlatesEDGES


Edges can be produced in the following forms:

  • Uncropped and unedged
  • Cropped and unedged
  • Cropped and edged

The plates are produced with a surface that conforms to EN 10163, Class A, and with tolerances in accordance with EN 10029.


+AR – Untreated as rolled
In this process, the required measurements and mechanical properties are achieved via rolling without heat treatment.

+N – Normalised rolling
Rolling, which achieves the end shape, is carried out using a specific temperature. The result is equivalent to normalisation in an oven.

Economic and convincing thanks to effective processes and lean structures, from raw material sourcing to delivery. Everything is tailored to meet customers’ needs – from production to delivery speed.

+M Thermomechanical Rolling Process
Rolling process in which the final deformation is carried out within a certain temperature range leading to a material condition with specific characteristics that cannot be obtained by simple heat treatment.
Thermomechanical rolling produces fine-grain steels by means of a combination of chemical composition and strict control of the whole process from the heating of the slabs to the cooling of the plates after rolling, both in terms of temperature and deformation per passage. Thermomechanical rolling can also involve processes with increased cooling speed such as accelerated cooling including natural tempering in the cooling bed (M+AC Cycle). The steels produced with this combination have a finer grain and better characteristics than those produced using only the +M Cycle.