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Proudly presenting: The new LDL Logo

The Laminoirs des Landes logo was officially launched in autumn 2017. It is intended to represent the company as modern, smart and durable. Moreover, the design impresses with its intelligence of forms. The typeface reflects the subject of rolling out – by gradually increasing the width of the letters from line to line. The optical trick for the visual element was CAD-constructed. An object rises from the LDL letters and twists like a sheet of steel, playing with spatial perception. The underlying message is: “With these LDL heavy plates, you can build anything you can imagine.” The colours are based on our dazzling raw material.

The result is authentic branding that sets modern standards in the steel industry.

Don’t you think so?

Logo design: www.vorreither.com

Our quality guidelines

The most important task of Laminoirs des Landes: Ensure that the products and services we offer our customers meet their expectations – in terms of quality, suitability, price and delivery times. The future of our company depends on the loyalty of our customers. Therefore, we owe you the certainty that Laminoirs des Landes always does its best to meet all your expectations.

To this end, the company is committed to a policy of continuous improvement. In accordance with the regulations applicable to us and the legal requirements laid down in the ISO 9001:2015 standard. Our quality management ensures that the requirements of our customers and their customers are always met.

The main goal of our quality management: We want to achieve excellence in all our actions. The company management is committed to this with all legal and economic means, both in technological and personnel terms.

All members of the company are aware of this attitude. Everyone is committed to the greatest possible commitment and the best possible cooperation. Everyone does their best to ensure that Laminoirs of the country is regarded as a company that offers its customers the highest level of quality and service.

Tarnos, February 10, 2018

Inazio Fachado

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