The latest European rolling factory is a greenfield project in Tarnos, France. The rolling plant commenced operations in the first quarter of 2018 with the production of heavy plates (Quarto).

Capacity: 500,000 tons / year
Floorspace: 20,000 sqm factory on a 10 hectare industrial site
Location: Tarnos, directly across from the harbour of Bayonne on the Bay of Biscay in Aquitaine, in the historic region of Gascony, in southwest France.

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Laminoirs des Landes (LDL) stands for flexible production designed to meet customer needs, while also providing excellent customer service. This is matched with fast, continuous and reliable deliveries of heavy plates in the following dimensions:

Thickness: 8-150 mm
Width: max. 3,400 mm
Length: max. 24,000 mm

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LDL represents a new generation of steel-rerollers. We integrate our business partners into the value chain using the most achievable level of automation. As an industrial fabricator processing our heavy plates, you will benefit from an innovative business partner.

The Spanish steel company Hierros Añón SA has a 60% interest in Laminoirs des Landes. The Swiss Sipro Stahl Holding AG holds the remaining 40%.